[Concert] Mars en Folie

Cultural events
Event Date: 
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 20:30
Event Location: 
Hong Kong Academy for performing Arts


Travel with the dreamy melodies of Klô Pelgag (Québec/Canada, indie folk), be amazed by the poetic and socially-committed reggae of Junior Tshaka (Switzerland, groove, hip-hop, reggae), the powerful rock of Mauvaise langues (France, rock songs) or the pop sweetness of Benjamin Schoos & Sophie Galet (Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels Delegation, French pop): do not miss "Mars en Folie"!

The concert is free and open to all! A unique opportunity to listen to brilliant young artists from the francophone music scene, presented for the first time in Hong Kong.

Pop, rock and reggae musicians will be performing in HK Academy of Performing Arts - HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre.


Klô Pelgag (Québec / Canada, indie folk)

She feels as if she were in a meadow when she is on stage, but her meadow has no fence and is surrounded by two solid trees and three pretty flowers. With a voice somewhere between Feist and Camille, unmistakably recognizable after the first few bars, Klô Pelgag has created a poetic, lively, dreamy and dynamic style. The universe thus created earned her a host of awards and distinctions. If her bewitching voice makes you lose your bearings, let it be your compass!
More information: klopelgag.com/pro
This tour is organized with Air Canada support.

Benjamin Schoos & Sophie Galet (Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels Delegation, French pop)

We like to compare him to a disciple of Serge Gainsbourg or Orson Welles. And she is the spiritual sister of Françoise Hardy or Joni Mitchell.
The musical fusion of the two artists gives rise to a magical world of pop and electronica, with that touch of melancholy that only French songs can evoke. For them, this makes it a new experience of shared pleasure with Asia for the first time: to stir the soul and open the doors to their respective songs.

Les Mauvaises Langues (ie : The sharp tongues) (France, rock songs)

Take 5 musicians, 5 artists, 5 ways to feel things… Mix it all… and taste it. You won’t be disappointed. The Sharp Tongues “A Ciel Ouvert” / “Open Air”, an album recorded outdoor, in studio conditions, in 2010, is a real adventure… An artistic, musical and human adventure… It is a punch bag, an outlet, a mine of feelings and emotions, you can interpret their melodies and texts in a thousand ways…
This tour is organized by Alliance Francaise network in China with the support of the Embassy of France in China and French Institute - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nord-Pas de Calais Region.
More information: www.lesmauvaiseslangues.fr

Junior Tshaka (Switzerland, groove / hip-hop / reggae)

JUNIOR TSHAKA is a charismatic artist who performs a militant kind of Reggae. He returns to the essentials and, with simple words, lets the audience know about his beliefs on the state of the planet.
Between Reggae and French chansons, as well as in a very subtle, mixed and engaged manner, he denounces a system which creates wars and a planet where crying can be heard. For JUNIOR TSHAKA, it is time that people`s conscience awakened and found its way to humanity. The artist`s most important values are love, respect and freedom. Angry with those who trigger hatred and those who derail his dreams, JUNIOR TSHAKA proposes his vision of the world: critical, harsh and realistic, but full of hope.
Acoustic performance.
More information: http://www.junior-tshaka.com

22.03.2013 (Fri) 8:30pm - HK Academy for performing arts - HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre.

Free admission on first-come-first-served basis
免費入場 - 先到先得
Tickets available one hour before the show at HK Academy for Performing Arts - Alliance Française desk